Leather and Vinyl

We cater for both genuine leather re covery and faux leather, which is the new word for leather look vinyl.


We have leather sampling from Lapco, Shann and Warwick fabrics.

Our faux leather range is quite extensive with sampling from James Dunlop, Shann, Warwick and Designers Guild that will blow your mind and make you question your preconceptions of ‘vinyl’. Most people think of vinyl being old, out dated and something from grandmas day. Well faux leather today is used extensively in the modern interior design scene.

We have vinyl's to suit any budget. From simply wanting a practical solution to wiping up after the kids have been on the dining chairs, to creating a beautiful headboard or ottoman and everything in between.

Want the leather look but find it too expensive to consider? Consider faux leather… you get the look and feel without the cost.

Want that retro look of the sixties and seventies… you can have it with new beautifully subtle vinyl's and complimentary retro fabrics to complete the look.

Don’t hesitate to ask Adele about all your options and come in and see our range of both genuine leather and vinyl's.